We’re all mad here

I’m having dinner with my dear friends Robin and Thijs. While making his famous salmon dish, Robin keeps an eye on his computer. ‘The ticket sale for Where the Sheep Sleep started today’, he tells me. I know a bit about his passion for Burning Man and his involvement with the Dutch version.

With sparkles in his eyes he talks about the upcoming event at the Veluwe and I’m getting enthusiastic too. ‘I never thought it was something for you though’, he says with his familiar raised eyebrow. I shrug. Then dinner is ready and the tales of Burning Man have to make way for a lovely meal and other gossip.

A few days later I’m in London for a short getaway with a friend. After a day of sightseeing I get to the hotel and tumble in my bed, tired as hell.


It’s an app from Robin.  ‘I’ve got you a ticket for Where The Sheep Sleep.’ I sit up straight again. Wait, what? I’m not sure if I have to be excited, happy, scared, or surprised. So I type: ‘Really?! Wow! That’s… oh wow, yay!’

……. Read the whole blog at Burningman.nl.

Bij uitzondering in het Engels! Of nou ja, Dunglish.